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Since the year our company was founded in the mining sector, on Job Security, Worker Health, Work efficiency, we are serving with AR-GE end products that develop ideas in the direction of our experience we have acquired and your demands.

Underground mines, Aboveground mines, Hydroelectric Power Plants (HEPP) projects, in Your Tunnel constructions, everywhere that used explosives. You should be familiar with our products for work safety, worker health and work efficiency. Our company from 1990 to the day; produces explosive materials auxiliary materials to the mining and construction sector where explosive materials are used.
Plastic water borne cartridge (PSSK), water barriers, plastic bulb shield, plastic dynamite boxes, dynamite drill punch, our products undertake important tasks in occupational safety and occupational health.

The use of materials such as durable in underground furnaces, anti-static, addable plastic dynamite tightening bars, plastic spider, plastic dynamite covers, anfo sachets, anfo charger funnel, anfo charger pipes, plastic hole plugs, plastic anfo holder umbrella and so on, will help improve your work efficiency by offering practical solutions that will eliminate time loss and possible problems.

We continue to produce solutions that are safer, more efficient and healthier with the contributions of our valued customers, and we thank everyone who contributed to us to have this experience and the development of our products.

On dynamite pulses in underground mines, for a safer, healthier, more efficient work, you should be absolutely knowledgeable about the explosive auxiliary materials that are the products of our company.

As known, one of the most serious activities in underground mining is the use of explosives. From this perspective the great importance of the use of explosives and the cost, worker health, job security, and in terms of efficiency,from the explosive substance is pushed into the hole to tighten it’s back, hole placement, there is a separate proposition of all of them until the isolation of capsule threads and the bar used to push the hole.

The explosive materials produced by our company have decisive properties such as anti-static and flame retardant. In all places where dynamite is detonated, is used in the suppression of dust, in improving the performance of the jumper material, prevention of the flaming or explosion of various gases and coal dust.

These materials have been used in European countries since the 1960s. Before proceeding to manufacture in Turkey, serial manufacturing has been completed by taking valuable ideas and considerations of important mining organizations and since 1990, it has been marketed and used and benefit by many organizations.

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